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Game analytics:
On this page you can find different hosts files to use. Especially for spyware, analytics and tracking in games.
The files can be used to protect/enhance your privacy while playing games, using programs or browsing the internet.

All entries are sorted by publisher/company and product names to make navigation easier.
  1. Mini template to block spyware in games - Safe to use without function loss
  2. Full template to block spyware in games - Can lead to loss of function of websites or newsletters
  3. Main hosts file as txt - Complete hosts with sorted by categorys
  4. Main hosts - Complete hosts, sorted by categorys, navigation and colored entries

Search function:
As a bonus there is a searchengine on this site with all tested games that are spying on users. It's possible to search for publisher and product titles.

All published hosts files from are under Creative Commons license CC BY-NC-SA 4.0

Important for dealing with the file(s):
Those hosts files are for experienced users and for those who want to become one ;]

It's a lot of stuff blocked there and if you do not know what to look for, it can be pretty annoying. Sorry, but i do not tolerate some companies and mechanics anymore. To find possible problems faster and to make the system easier for me and others, all entries are sorted by categories, company/website and/or productnames. Really "important" stuff like Captchas, Anti-Virus Updates or payment services is partly untouched (as far as they don't spy customers out).

Especially blocked root domains or special services like logins can be affected and can cause trouble. Another example are checks for validating serials together with analytics. Possibilities are unfortunately endless.

And why? Because analytics and tracking services are often hidden under root domain paths or are contaminated with advertising.

Some stuff is blocked because they are completly annoying and brazenly. Adobe is an example. Microsoft too, some news related sites and so on. Feel free to delete those entries or do own modifications for personal use.


In case of further publication, the CC license and any copyright information must be observed. The use or change of my reviews or site related (except hosts) content is not permitted. If you want a translation of anything, feel free to ask.


Otherwise it's always a look worth here. The pages are constantly expanding and maybe i will do a full english version in far future. This is a single person project, it takes a lot of time and costs a lot of money to buy software(games) to test.

Thanks for understanding and attention.